Ashton aka Ren the Fox is feeling Curious
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~*~*~*~*~*~★About Me★~*~*~*~*~*~

Ashton/Ren 蓮|26|♂ - Trans MALE|Pagan|Married|West Virginia|♌ - Leo|5'8''| 7 Tattoos


Hai There! *Waves Paw, Tail Wagging*

I am a Freshmen in college at West Virginia University At Parkersburg.

Pursuing my Associates & Bachelors Degrees in Global Studies!

Hoping to one day be a teacher in Japan; loved the country since I was 13.

Traditional Art is something that I have always done, though now I am steping into the digital art.

I was introduced to the furry fandom by 2 friends when I was about 16 years old.

Officially came out as a proud fur in 2011!


I am also a proud nerd, gamer & ookie-spookie ghoul.

Smoking cloves, Pumpkin spice everything,

Special Effects Make up, Coffee, Pumpkins, Black Cats,

Zombie, Monster & Horror movies are my most favorite thing to indulge in.

Fall is my favorite season along with Halloween my favorite holiday.

I listen to a vast collection of music genre's, you will find my Ipod surgically attached to my hip.

I'm an eclectic gamer, playing many different titles on my Xbox 360.

Spending time with my mate & friends, Studying & art take up a lot of my days.


I am very out-going & get along with just about everyone.

Unless you give me a reason not to!

I have some trust issues but that comes along with PTSD.

Don't start drama & there will be no drama...

Respect me & I will respect you!

I joined FA to share my artwork with others in the community, to learn about fursuiting, and to make new fur-friends!

So feel free to watch me, check out my gallery, drop me a note, a shout, anything!

Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to me!♥



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Ashton aka Ren posted

15/01/2014 00:26

Thank you for helping me with that! ^^

Ashton aka Ren posted

15/01/2014 00:26

Sup? :)

HayPanda posted to Ashton aka Ren

14/01/2014 05:45

When you're editing your profile, or even writing a comment, the little underlined A next to the B-I- and U, will take you to the colors~

MrSenpai posted to Ashton aka Ren

13/01/2014 22:19

Heyyyyyy :D

Ashton aka Ren posted

13/01/2014 21:02

Yes, Yes you did. lol.

Kaioku posted to Ashton aka Ren

13/01/2014 20:39

Thank you for subscribing (I took your comment virginity away)o.o >.>

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