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why i haven't been active

hell, i just wanted to explain why I've basically fell off the map for awhile. unfortunately, it was a number of things...
18/09/2016 04:09
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I'M FREE!!!!!

HA HA HA!!!! I'M FREE, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, OH GOD I'M FREE!!! *laughs maniacally* i'm so unbelievably happy, because SCHOOL IS OVER!! i got summer vacation now, so i'm so excited about it! now i actually have time to take a breath and think about things, and get my life and this website in order...
27/05/2016 16:32
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ABC Meme: alex(me)!

i don't remember which artist i stole this from, but it's not my original idea, and i wanted to have some information up. A- Age: 17 B- Biggest fear: losing control C- Cold weather or Warm weather?: cold weather. I love wearing me them sweaters D- Drink you last had: pepsi, no ice. E- Extrat...
22/09/2015 06:03