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19 • non-binary • Hella gay • Taken

Hiya, My name's Kim, but I'll go by Neo/Ven, whatever you think will be easier to call me out of those three

I'm a furry artist and I design and sell character designs as well as share my own works with my characters and species

Feel free to drop a message on Discord or anywhere I'm on ^^ I don't bite!


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Howdy y'all!

I'm new here to Furiffic and I'd like to make some new friends and such! Hope you guys are having a good day
10 months ago


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Kim Fenian

10 months ago

Venias Arrym

10 months ago


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Madame Sparx posted to VEN1AS

10 months ago

Thank you so much for subscribing to me! ♥

VEN1AS · 10 months ago

No prob Madam ^^

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