Valerian the Dragon is feeling Cheerful
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ame Valerian
Race: Western Dragon
gender Male 
Age: late teen's
Height : 7.2ft (219.5cm)
Length:15ft (457cm)
Wing span : 23ft (701cm)
Weight: 910KG (2006lbs)
Visual : riviera blue with pea green wing membrans chest and under body, 2 horns that glint silver the sunlight
Eyes : left eye green and right eye is half green and half brown 
Likes: shiny and antiques items , listening to stories , flying and boxes
Dislikes :running, grapes and raiders
Best skills: flying and healing spells.
Worst skills clumsy (dragon in a china shop) and swimming
Personality: creative, very caring, playful, breaths fire

icon mage by be sure to vist him.

i also Roleplay mainly as Valerian.

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25/05/2018 07:14