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"There's one special spot in Dúvusoth's oriel in Ferrington. Girded with leaves and small lavender flowers ... It is usual in spring a great rainfall biweekly ... Dusanka didn't forget her umbrella to protect her dress. The dress was a gift from her grandmother. She used it when she was a young shark like her. After the great rainfall, the flowers and leaves bloom. The earth releases its characteristic scent ... the bugs started to appear ... Dusanka is pretty excited about this moment, that's why she went with her semi transparent umbrella to wait and watch this precious nature event in Dúvusoth's oriel.

Her friend was accompanying, and by surprise he said: "Hey Dusanka! Look at me! Say fish !! "Dusanka wasn't prepared for a picture. She looked away and smirk, showing her sharp teeth, holding her umbrella. She was a little embarrased but tried to look natural!"

Well! I tried a new brush on Photoshop this time. I'm really happy how it came out!

Any comments welcome ~

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