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The Name is Vanga I'm a 20 something year old trying my best at writing and drawing, for more info on myself I'm a Taken Asexual-Biromantic guy just doing this whole "furry" thing as a hobby. Not much other to say other that if you want to get my telegram or discord send me a message or note to ask for it for safety reasons other than that enjoy looking at my page.


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Why I'm not focusing on art

The Truth is that I'm more focused on writing than on actual art of my own stuff, as Art was only just a side thing I at any point could work on but is not a major priority of mine
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Where you can find me

First things first this is a master post, meaning that this will be posted across all the websites and places that I am on (which it may seem confusing to see this on the website you are viewing this on)[lb] [lb] Furaffinity- [url=https://www
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AutisticWerehog posted to Vangabond

04/03/2020 00:18

Thanks! You mind liking and commenting some of my art?

AutisticWerehog posted to Vangabond

04/03/2020 00:02

Hi! I just subscribed to you! UwU

Jebe Drago posted to Vangabond

31/03/2019 01:25

hey!! thanks for fav! x3

Vangabond posted

10/04/2018 22:11

Sup, I'm new to this site for the moment, and I'm introverted and a bit silly, and my page is under construction until i get everything set up

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