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Updates and such (Personal and Projects)

So, The Project that's being posted will come to an End Next Week and that I have a few things I wanted to talk about
4 days ago

A Few things

If anyone was wondering
1 week ago

Updates for May

Yeah, I don't Have too much planned? other than just the basic story posts throughout the week, with the occasional original art post or commission art post here and there
2 weeks ago
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Other Places to find me on

Just in case Twitter Dies there are a few websites to find me on pillowfort and tumblr [lb] [lb] [url=https://www
3 weeks ago

A Few Things

One- I'm not dead just on a posting story break[lb] Two- The next story will begin Posting on April 18th [lb] Three- I *Was* going to wait on some things on being finished but I'm going to be posting them throughout the week
1 month ago

Updates for April

Yeah I'm posting this earlier than you know April first but I have a few reasons why, as the story has finished posting by now
1 month ago

A Few things

So, this series that I have been posting for a little while now Is ending soon on the 30th of next week, and it occurred to me that I missed a few things
1 month ago

Another Side Project Spin off thing.

I just had drafted up a bunch of ideas for like a magic timeline spin off story, but still takes place in the timeline
2 months ago

I'm Only going to say this once

Don't fucking DM me on Telegram out of the blue even if you somehow figure out what it is, and ask to dm me on telegram as well if we are in a chat, It gets really irritating that someone random will DM me out of the blue without even asking first
2 months ago

Update for March

So, on the date of me posting this it will be one full month before my next birthday where I'm turning *redacted* years old
2 months ago


I doubt many people would read this little update but for those who might be wondering
3 months ago
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I'm thinking on going on a bit of a hiatus posting wise because the next story does not begin posting until the end of the month, and I would like to have a break from it
3 months ago
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So, Texas is going to be yet again hit my a snow storm
3 months ago

Oh February already

3 months ago

My Plans for 2022

As I am posting this, It's January 3rd 2022, the first Monday of the new year and, I don't have much planned for this year other than-[lb] [lb] [lb] • Posting my major and smaller stories[lb] • The anniversary of me first creating my deviantart account (which I see as my official start to all of this writing and art on February 22nd 2015, which this year will be the 7th anniversary
4 months ago

2021 A year in review

Today Is December 31st 2021, The second year into this new decade
4 months ago

Writing Delay...Again

So I said to myself "Hey I can get started on my last writing projects this week" but this was before some things in my personal life that
4 months ago

Oh Yeah.

Change of Plans, I won't be working on my writing projects until the week after Christmas because
5 months ago

A few things.

So this month is going to be kind of busy on the side of finishing my stories for 2022, another idea I have had in the works along with rebooting some old things of mine and reworking them to fit with this new style I have
5 months ago

Project Announcement- The Magic Fighters

Today November 29th begins the next project that has over 50 episodes that will be posting going into next year, and is likely my longest project outside of the Rebels/Heroes of Gaia projects which to me I consider a test run of my writing
5 months ago

The thanksgiving post+ Ko-fi

First happy thanksgiving, I have been fairly inactive on posting things minus that one story I posted to FA
5 months ago

November 1st update + hiatus

Well, spooky month is over and it's inching closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I don't have many plans for this month just the same old same old posting pattern with the grand finale of the Guardians of dreams being on the 5th (which I might post a day early on the 4th as I have been busy with a few things in my personal life
6 months ago

Oh yeah

The Guardians of Dreams (+ The Knights of Darkness Story that already finished but is tied to the project) Will End on November 5th 2021 not this Friday but Next Friday
6 months ago

Taking a break from writing (for now)

In all honesty I had a really rough time just sitting down and focusing on writing this next story that won't be posting for a while now actually
7 months ago

The knights of darkness side stories context

Originally there were supposed to be double posts Two episodes a day for each week, and i changed it last second as "eh I might as well post an episode of this while the main one is going on" and it's also like "it's pretty hard to post an episode of these side stories along with the main story"
7 months ago

Oh It's October

Yeah I don't *really* have that much planned for this month aside from the main stories post every day throughout the normal work week
7 months ago

Progress Update

so minus a few screwups on my end, the "sequel series" Of the Gaia wolf project is over, with the next project going to be released next Monday actually
8 months ago

Here we go again

There is an 80% chance there might be something trying to develop in the gulf, so that means if my posting pattern gets interrupted again (right as my project is ending) y'all know why
8 months ago

So... My Plans for this month?

For September I have nothing really planned just the normal pattern of posting things regularly with an art post here and there
8 months ago

Short Life update.

I will be posting everything prepared for these next two days early as, things are a bit
9 months ago

More about my... "Retirement"

I kinda Said this here and there about my Date of Leaving the Furry Fandom and just living life regularly afterwards
9 months ago

Regarding about the poll

I wanted to test the waters with a few things, and I have come to a concrete verdict
9 months ago

Yet again another shameless self plug

I forgot to update my discord server Link (on some websites) and with somehow me getting a few new people following/watching me I wanted to advertise like a few things
9 months ago
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So Like

My project had Finished posting and I have zero idea why Furrific ate the posts
10 months ago

Heath Update+ Other things

Okay so there are a few things I would want to say[lb] 1- Somehow I inured my foot (pretty badly) and it's looking like I may have Achilles tendonitis in my left foot and I'm taking the meds and all the necessary things needed for me to get better and I won't disclose how I got it
10 months ago

July Post

Dang July already, Honestly I don't have too much planned for this month than just Season 5 and 6 being posted and I'm going to try to make sure that I don't screw up on the posting pattern again
10 months ago

Slight Delay for posting next week

Yeah because of something
11 months ago

Here is the thing: I screwed up

Here is a spoiler alert: I screwed up the posting pattern and to well not delay or move a few episodes, I'm posting 6 episodes this week One Tomorrow and Two on Thursday
11 months ago

I Guess I should have mentioned this-

But Season 5 and Season 6 will be posting right after each other long with the movie plot, and the crossover idea
11 months ago

Oh June is Here

I Guess on the production side of things- Season 5 of the project is coming out on June 7th, which was already said on another post
11 months ago

Season 4 ended + some other stuff

Yeah I did a double post of the remaining two episodes to rip off that bandage, honestly You would have thought after so many episodes posted I would have gotten used to posting everything by now
12 months ago

Season 4 ending this week+ hiatus incoming

So as I'm writing this, I'm prepping the last episodes to be posted throughout this week as season 4 is ending this week
12 months ago

Some links and stuff

You know maybe I should have put out my main Twitter account and Telegram Channel + the discord link because it's sort of
19/05/2021 15:16

Yet Another shameless Discord Server Promo

I guess I should have mentioned that, I deleted the server dedicated to my wolf project and went to rework my older discord server I have had for years at this point
13/05/2021 18:46

May 3rd Update

Why Hello Again, If you are reading this I was not Tf'ed into a Scalie all jokes aside, after getting the first covid shot I wanted to put this update out for one small thing I wanted to mention about my writing
03/05/2021 13:46

Life Updates + a few other things

First things first, regarding the next season of the project It will begin Posting on the 27th Of April and will end one month exactly on the 27th of May
23/04/2021 15:24

Why I'm not focusing on art

The Truth is that I'm more focused on writing than on actual art of my own stuff, as Art was only just a side thing I at any point could work on but is not a major priority of mine
21/04/2021 13:31

Where you can find me

First things first this is a master post, meaning that this will be posted across all the websites and places that I am on (which it may seem confusing to see this on the website you are viewing this on)[lb] [lb] Furaffinity- [url=https://www
18/04/2021 15:02