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So... What's next ?

Published: 6 months ago

From the title of this post I have been asking myself that question for a while now, actually from the start of this month but I will get into that later.
I'm pretty sure that most people do something to keep them busy outside school or work, in which I am one of those people.
Some Days I don't come up with anything but some days I do, and because I can be a bit of a workaholic I think of that of a wasted day (weird it may seem but that's what I actually think).

Apart of me wants to work on a project that formally introduces my many characters that I have been adding to since 2016 almost 3 years ago. While another part wants to me to work on my drawings in which I try to draw everyday but it's mainly limited to Logos Icons and Backgrounds that don't look that good to most people but I put effort into it. While the last part of me just wants to work on more complex projects and stories and possibly VN ideas.

I mean I could do any of that or I could just try to relax like most people, and play videogames in-between posts or days... I could do that but I'm not normal in retrospect.

Well the main point of this is that I'm still thinking on what to do next, and possibly take a break but it's sort of unlikely because I do not know how to relax.


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