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Some Random facts about me

Published: 14/04/2019 15:58

TBH i just made this as an excuse to post something besides art or writing for once and depending on when this is posted it will be the day before or after the April 15th update
[*]My Actual first name is Payton, which my fursona also has the same name
[*]I am Right Handed
[*]I am from Texas in the United States and is a bit obvious which city live in
[*]I listen to electronic dance music (edm) and I like progressive house drum and bass and trap music to be exact.
[*]My favorite color is red and I love chocolate (Even though i like Blue and Vanila sometimes)
[*]I am Bisexual with my love life being very very pathetic
[*]I am naturally shy and introverted even though people insist that I am an ambivert because I am not fully introverted and extroverted all the time
[*]I really like dogs huskys and German Shepherds
[*]I tend to like Bears Lions and Bulls because they are cool to look at
[*]I'm not as confident as I seem publicly (matter of fact I’m not confident in myself , but i don’t act like it or make it an annoyance to everyone else around me)
[*]I tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention with most of the time being annoying while the other half is a bit comedic.
[*]I more than likely won’t do a public face reveal publicly but sometimes privately
[*]I am a workaholic by nature and need to always needing to do something to function right
[*]The reason i name dropped my first real name is at this point everyone knows by now and it used to be a unique and rare name
[*]I play a lot of Animal Crossing Pokemon Splatoon and Minecraft
[*]I tend to come to something or a topic very late or extremely late but i stopped caring a long time ago
[*]I Kinda think i am massively underrated but won’t say that in a normal chat
[*]I have been on the internet since 2013 but never got around to making any accounts or anything until June of 2015 and making my official debut in March of 2016 a week before my birthday that year when i became of legal age. (also it’s a bit obvius how old am i even though i am very self conscious about it)
[*]For some reason i got hit on a lot in the past (2016) and now rarely i get hit on currently, this sucks for when i was with someone i got hit on a lot and now after the break up way after that it rarely if ever happens now.
[*]I can’t take criticism as well as i want to sometimes because of events in my personal life.
[*]Normally i am a Lawful Good person who rarely if ever gets in trouble, with some savage or funny moments happening.
[*]I am way too shy to talk about my work and ideas publicly even though 9/10 it’s sitting on my massive DA page
[*]My Birthday is April 2nd which makes my birthstone a Diamond and my Sign an Aries
[*]I honestly think i am a bit entitled and a bit selfish at times whenever any sort of topic comes up and i say a random experience i went through in the past or present.
[*]I rarely i’ll be stubborn to change something or amit i was wrong, which most of the time just getting over any sort of mistake.
[*]I’ll try my best to keep something together as long as possible but will legit feel sad if it falls apart (Like Relationships or friendships) and be frustrated at myself if it does fall apart.
[*]I’d Rather just go solo and do things for myself (Any Sort of Work,Writing,Art or something a person can do on their own) than ask for help or ask for a favor because sometimes it feels like i defended myself, even though most of the time i am on my own.
[*]I’m pretty sure i have an inferiority complex of some sort
[*]I think I’m a toxic person in a way but not as people think and it may came from someone in my personal life, that i am not going to name drop.
[*]I honestly wonder if i myself am a good person or the next villain sometimes, if i am helping everyone else thinking of myself last.
[*]I am the last person i think about 99% of the time
[*]I tend to push my other characters than my character most of the time

Wow this turned out way more personal than i wanted it to turn out… now i know most people won’t read it.

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