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The End of an Era

Published: 11/06/2019 15:23

So by the time you are reading this, the final character Bio Samuel has been posted, and judging from the title you can infer what I am going to talk about.


In 2016 when i was barely 18 my Fursona was first drawn and given a backstory that I myself worked out over time and later refined it to what you all see now.


In that Same year, I introduced another Character Alexander “Alex” a bit of a jerkish person at the start that calmed down and became a bit shy and reserved over time, he was a standard color fox. Then a red colored wolf named Maxwell (At the Time Maximodo for some reason but it was a nickname) who is your reserved tough guy. Then after that a small rabbit with long hair with an enchanted whip named Nigel. Eventually in that same year three more people we added, Takayuki a eastern winged dragon that acts like a big brother, Brandon a Shy hawk that was quiet about his flying skills and Moon a Panda that was a bit intimidating as a rival to my character before he calmed down a bit and became more of a reserved loner


Counting my own character Vanga,Alex,Max,Nigel,Takayuki,Brandon and Moon 7 characters were added throughout the duration of 2016, not bad for me at the time.


I was at the time exploring the ideas for some things, and just kept going not really knowing once the year ended that I would keep adding more to the story and more characters.


In 2017, i had introduced some more characters Ezekiel the smart hacker shark, Hassan a materialistic pretty boy who wasn’t a snob for being rich. Archie, at the time a reserved fighter but now a loyal teammate and friend.Randolph a russian bear who was a bit of a loner but a good friend, Maruice and Ethan a lion and a rat that were best friends musicians and magic users as well who were born a day apart.


Ezekiel,Hassan,Archie,Randolph,Maruice and Ethan where the characters introduced that year, 6 characters were added


Not going to lie, I felt a bit guilty adding Randolph which was at the time my 11th character for having so many up until that point, but had gotten over it. And at the time he was the first character to be introduced with a persona at the time Which was Odin.


In 2018, much like the last few years introduced more characters some old concepts with most of them being new, with new ideas.


Dusty, a Laid back opposem with gemstone making powers, Damarison a bit of an intimidating crocodile but a nice and supportive person once you get to know him. Liam a Kangaroo being the stereotype for being a boxer, but isn’t a jerk about it. Lorenzo a boar who was a bit of a softie, Daisuke an artist raccoon that is a bit of a loner, Arthur a model bat, who is a very good person. Xander a prince from another world, who is a magic skunk, Devin a hyper tiger who can be very responsible at times, Elliot a spotted seal who is a very good swimmer, and Trenton an athletic horse.


Dusty Eillot and Devin were past members of the group (and not directly mentioned) who went on to do their own things away from the original group, before coming back with their new and old friends. Together with Vanga,Alex,Max,Nigel,Dusty,Eillot and Devin formed the original group of heros two years before during 2014 as highschool friends before disbanding after graduation before meeting up again.


Dusty,Damarison,Liam,Lorenzo,Daisuke,Arthur,Xander,Trenton,Devin and Elliot are the 10 members to join the group during the year and is the most amount of people who have joined ever.


I just kept adding more characters as i felt throughout the year, with by far being the most popular Character Xander a skunk because people really seem to like them.


During 2019, I introduced some more and unique characters (In my opinion) Christian a shy lion who cares about his brothers, Adam an eagle who is confident at times, who is a nurse for the most part. Alistair a black panther who is a very good singer and performer, Juan an otter dancer. Akira a red panda who is also a fellow prince like Xander that is a bit quiet at times, Blaze another prince who is a western dragon who can be very nice and helpful at times and Samuel a black wolf who cares about his friends more than himself.


Christian,Adam,Alistair,Juan,Akira,Blaze and Samuel are the 7 people who make up everyone introduced during 2019, and parallel the 7 members during 2016.


Now you would have thought that i would have stopped this character project after 10 or 11 or at the end of 2016, I didn't and I sure as hell had a lot of fun with each of my 30 characters.


Yes i know it was a lot, but like i said i had fun with it, and with all the good things they must come to an end, and as if June 11th 2019 there will be Zero plans for any new characters added to the main roster with Samuel being the last ever member and the youngest member ever.


So those new and old, who have watched me add new characters new stories and new ideas, thank you for viewing and helping my ambitious idea to be seen and the idea to get passed across, hopefully you all will see the next big project that I'll do in the soon to be future.

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