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Progress Update

Published: 8 months ago

Hey guys, it’s been a while and i want to say a few things-

1. I am trying to make a new cast of characters with a new story,plot points with an overarching story with a new realm being added into this story. I won’t say the name of it yet because it’s still in the planning stages.

2. With Sword and Shield on the Horizon, would anyone be interested with me making another chat so once the games comes out we can trade, battle or talk about the story of the games?


Also tying into the second Question i have left a link to a poll here-


It will close at 5pm cst November 15th, Please spread this link on whichever social media site you use. 


3. The next update which will go up on the 15th of this week will be out at 8am cst, so see y’all then. 

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