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First of all, i think you guys could tell i am very passionate about my project haha, originally once i had posted the first story about it but then i heavily revised it to be way more better than the first post. Anyways this post will detail all the things about my project.


First things first is the elephant in the room, the lack of pictures for the main characters than text ideas which i can explain. Simply i can’t draw *that* well enough to produce good pictures for the main characters. 


Also for really the best example for my characters, just think of them in the same art style as my fursona, and that’s the mental image for them. 


Second thing is that The 9 main core members of the wolves are loosely based on myself.


Artemis- being a face in a crowd of people.

Akira- being shy but rather blunt at times.

Colton- being stoic not showing much emotion.

Magma- being hot headed at times, and sometimes adventurous. 

Kage- being considered "attractive" at times.

Zephyr- being a bit of a smug jerk of times

Storm- being smart in school, while being slow at times

Victor- eating alot and being rather loud at times.

Bodhi- having some body issues at some point in life, while also being quiet and nervous. 


Third thing is that I feel that both my fursona and Artemis could both be considered my fursonas in a way as both represent myself… in a way. I used to think that my fursona wasn’t really relevant anymore but it stills relevant because it’s… well, myself. 


Personal note-

More than likely I’ll go into a somewhat of a hiatus, it’s just i don’t know what else i could do at this point and neither school or life is influencing this decision just something that came to me naturally. I’m not going to fall off the face of the planet just to a point where naturally i don’t have anything to be posted unless it changes somehow in the future. So for now (or until next month or anything changes) I’ll stop being active for posting things unless something changes so see y’all later. 

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