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Season 3's posting pattern will begin March 8th 2021, and Will end around April 9th 2021, Same deal Posts Monday Through Friday with some exceptions. Lastly The Rebels of Gaia Name will be rebranded to the heroes of Gaia, as the majority of the problems on Gaia have been resolved at this point.

Other things I feel like announcing are this-
-Thomas and the Magic fighters investigating the magic hour, had his story re written and his group will be making a comeback.
-George and Demetrius's story revolving around the dream world, taking place two years later after the Magic fighters, with their groups will be making a comeback and has been re written as well.
-Lastly, Brian the follow up series to the Heroes of Gaia, the Guardians of magic will also be making a comeback with this story also being re written as well.

The above mentioned stories, will be having a posting pattern dedicated to them at some point, but really nothing will be set in stone yet because of Covid-19, but I can say that at some point they will soon be posted.

One of the last things I also want to say, Is that I'm unsure if I want to make a new cast with a new magic problem that takes place in 2020 or 2021, but I'm leaning on not doing one because I'm not really feeling it after reworking so many other things that has felt like another project on it's own.

Anyways, Season 3 will start on March 8th Posted using PostyBirb

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