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My thoughts on a few things

Published: 4 weeks ago

Recently I got back into supporting a few people on Patreon and now that I changed up on my content, that has be sort of thinking on "what if" I did it. It would be unlikely that I would ever use Patreon for art as I only make simplistic art thumbnails and maps and other things that might come out from me trying out new things. However Now that I'm using my writing skills that I sort of had hidden for basically 20 years at this point, Maybe I could make some money off of it. I'm not planning on doing it but if you were like me and you dabble in experiencing things ever so often this case using Patreon it's only natural to think about it.

I only think of Writing and Drawing as Hobbies, and just monetizing them just takes the fun out of it, I know plenty of others who may not think the same way as I do but that's how I see it.

As for Commissions I never really considered it until I started to use Patreon to support others, But the Idea for someone giving me money to do something is weird if it was working or in this case a hypothetical commission.

As for Requests, I doubt I would ever open for them sometimes that they can be fun, however because some of the bad experiences in the past with people begging me to do requests It would be very very unlikely for me to do them.

I posted this because I wanted to share my thoughts and not keep it as (X) thing that will Never be posted. Posted using PostyBirb

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