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When Will "The wolf project" end?

Published: 1 month ago

The concrete answer is Sometime in August, but I won't say when though, and Honestly this has been the most fun I have ever had with any of my projects. I had A lot of fun reworking the original story, making the main protagonist and his group of friends the other main characters. And as much as I kinda don't want to admit it I feel like this project will be the "Persona 4" of my works being milked (to an extent) or be referenced a few times.

But Unlike Persona 4, The Milking and the story must end at some point In which "some time in August" Will be the end with the crossover with other magic users in this timeline and the movie synopsis.

This Post was supposed to go out on April 9th but It got delayed for… reasons I won't really talk about. Posted using PostyBirb

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