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May 3rd Update

Published: 2 weeks ago

Why Hello Again, If you are reading this I was not Tf'ed into a Scalie all jokes aside, after getting the first covid shot I wanted to put this update out for one small thing I wanted to mention about my writing.

The wolf related one and it's seasons are test runs for how well I can do story telling (and Judging by my page views) it was a very good experiment. I also wanted to say that there will be similar stories in the same magic timeline with a sequel series down the pipeline with two other stories similar to this wolf related project to hopefully be posted some time later on in the year with not that long of a hiatus between each project.

The only things I can say regarding their names is- Rebels/Heroes of Gaia (2020-2021) Guardians of magic the follow up series (2021) The magic fighters (2021 eta Early Fall) and the Guardians of Dreams (2021 after the magic fighters).

Now in 2022 The Tamers of Shadow, The Defenders of Crystal, The Monster fighters and the Guardians of time.

These projects were recently re-worked and rewritten to be way better than the original things I wrote for these projects some things may change here and there but should remain mostly the same.

Now for this last story is a more recent one, the warriors of mezzanine revolves around another magic related conflict on another magic homeworld similar to Gaia. It's too early in development to say much about it but when I have the chance I'll talk about it more.

You could have asked why I'm thinking so far ahead, but If you know me (or my pattern) I like to think ahead just for something to look forward to and what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning.

I'm also tempted to put out a discord invite link for a server I have already had as I did delete the Gaia related one as that was a flop.

Other than being seemingly ghosted that's it for now. Posted using PostyBirb

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