So it’s 2019, (Well on the 1st day of it by the time i am posting this) and my character or fursona has yet to make an official reappearance in quite some time now. Surprisingly No one was really that concerned about his noticeable disappearance. Or cared for the most part.

Anyways, on to the things that have changed or have been adjusted.

My appearance hasn't changed much, only that now i have somewhat sharp claws, that i can unsheeth at will, but normally they aren’t seen unless i show it.

My General Appearance has been adjusted here and there, with my overview of my character being like this.

I Am a Grey wolf, with black hair and black eyes (fun fact my irl eye color is more of a dark brown that appears black) with my hair almost touching my neck because it’s somewhat long with my nose being the same. My Body type is right in the middle of fat and skinny, I’m chubby but just more of a slimmed down version of it. My Tail has changed instead of it being like a normal wolf tail it’s a bit longer and more fluffier like a husky tail is (it’s so long you could see a tip of it going past my butt at all times) and i have it laid down all the time and rarely wag it.

Now For clothing it’s just this, a red baseball t-shirt with the sleeves collar and bottom trim being black, wearing black jeans and black and white tennis shoes. I also wear a necklace that is in just the shape of a red diamond that can open up to put something inside it, my glasses are still the same as it’s always been.

For Minor Details that don’t really have to be included- My belt is Black with a silver buckle on it , can wear a black ring on my left hand, and i also wear black socks and a black tank top under my main shirt.

Other than that that’s it for the most part, with everything downstairs remaining the same.

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