So a day after Tyler had moved into the dorms Rachel the popular girl of Belleview high had

gone missing overnight.

Because of how popular Rachel is, everyone was up in arms about her disappearance.

The next area had opened up in the dream world the Prideful Castle, the 17 floor castle where

Rachel was kidnapped and taken to.

Somewhere in the fighting Callum had vanished by the time they had rescued Rachel, but it

would be that she would not retain any memories unlike Katherine.

"Alright Callum time to get you back home now..." George had said as the others noticed that he

was gone.

"It appears that he left or went missing throughout fighting Rachel's shadow" Henry pointed out

as he began to use his powers to scan for him.

"I think we should go to the place where we found him before" Winter said thinking as everyone

looked at him.

Winter indeed was right as another dungeon had appeared: The Twisted manor the newer area

behind the two story Twisted cabin.

"Welp I think we figured out where he may be at..." Winter had remarked as everyone else

nodded in unison.

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