Even though we were helping out this "king of nightmares" as strange as it sounds it wasn't that


The part that was intentional or not was how different my roommate's personalities were that

clashed with each other for every target he asked us to kidnap.

I was feeling doubtful but only slightly about carrying out his plans and creating the shadows for

the people we kidnap.

One thing that was noted is that for on the light side a shadow of someone that we created

would spawn a new area in which hopefully where the targets will be eliminated and their ghosts

will become shadows to serve the king.

Yes it's dark but what the king's words had swayed us to do it is that for his master plan was


1-Get as powerful as he could from the shadows and darkness

2-Need us to execute the plans because he is not that strong enough to use his powers outside

the dream world.

3-Fuse the dream world and the real world for his goal of being the Emperor of Shadows and to

eliminate the true bad guys on the light side so he can rule everything with an iron fist.

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Some Inside on how the King and the Knights of darkness worked.

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