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Howdy there, The Name is Vangabond but if you were feeling inclined you can call me Xander if you want to. I am a 20 something (Taken) Poly-Ace Dude who has way too much free time on his hands for writing and drawing. I also fairly enjoy playing a lot of video games and enjoying time with close friends and my partners I love very dearly. Moreover on my page you can see my galleries of writing some original art and commissioned art but other than those things don't expect too much.

Lastly thank you for visiting my page and if you want to get into contact with me or want to ask for said information just ask me through notes I don't bite much.

(Also check out the many useful links) (Main Twitter) (Main Telegram Channel) (18+ Twitter) (18+ Telegram Channel) (Discord Server) (Ko-fi) Link (18+ Gaming Server)


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Updates and such (Personal and Projects)

So, The Project that's being posted will come to an End Next Week and that I have a few things I wanted to talk about
21 hours ago

A Few things

If anyone was wondering
1 week ago


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You Roleplay I Messaged You!

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Thanks! You mind liking and commenting some of my art?

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Hi! I just subscribed to you! UwU

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hey!! thanks for fav! x3

Vangabond posted

10/04/2018 22:11

Sup, I'm new to this site for the moment, and I'm introverted and a bit silly, and my page is under construction until i get everything set up

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