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 Just getting settled in! My name's Venu and I might hang around for a while if the reception is good!

All Art is made by me unless I tag and flag it as otherwise.

Commissions : Patron Exclusive!! || Trade : Sometimes || Requests : PATRONS ONLY!!

My PokeDex Project Patreon can be found HERE

All Patrons get to see my PokeDex Project as it is completed Vs. only seeing one entry a week.

You also get Points every month to cash in for "Free" commissions and 15% off all Pokemon related commissions!

All patrons will also be included in small Give-Aways, Allowed freebies in-stream and be included in Group Pictures of my Top supporters at the end of each Pokemon Generation!

Not ALL of my art will be posted here, only the completed images and anything I really like overall. I will also be posting all of my PokeDex Entries here and Patron Rewards.

Name : Venu Shade || Gender : Male [he/him/his] - FtMTrans

Relationship Status : Taken || Sexuality : Demisexual/Panromantic || Zodiac : Cancer/Rooster

Profession : Freelance Artist/Customer Service/Roadside Assistance/Fursuiter

Current Icon - Mirage the Albino Houndoom as a Team Magma Grunt by NightTwilightWolf on FA
Mirage is my PokeSona and the mascot for my Patreon


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Patreon Update : Submissions and Benefits!

previous journal relating to this -> {/VenuShade/journals/1980} ☭SUBMISSION UPDATE - Gen 1 Nearing Completion!☭ Now, since the PokeDex Project here is still falling behind what I've got on Patreon I will start posting Entries twice weekly, one on W...
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I have officially decided to make Commissions Patron-exclusive. This means, I will only take commissions one of two ways: 1. you are a Patron and wish to redeem your points 2. it is in a stream and you wish to purchase something on-the-fly I hope no-one is upset by this, and I am not going to d...
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shadowthedemon posted to Venu Shade

07/09/2015 08:34

 I like your avatar/icon :D

pikachuprincess · 24/05/2016 16:32

i love other pokemon artists!