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Patreon Update : Submissions and Benefits!

previous journal relating to this -> {/VenuShade/journals/1980} ☭SUBMISSION UPDATE - Gen 1 Nearing Completion!☭ Now, since the PokeDex Project here is still falling behind what I've got on Patreon I will start posting Entries twice weekly, one on W...
15/09/2015 09:26


I have officially decided to make Commissions Patron-exclusive. This means, I will only take commissions one of two ways: 1. you are a Patron and wish to redeem your points 2. it is in a stream and you wish to purchase something on-the-fly I hope no-one is upset by this, and I am not going to d...
11/09/2015 02:20

I'm Here

I'm Queer. And I'm ready to Rumble! <span>I just have to figure out an efficient way to post stream notifications on here owo/ I'd love to post them here along with FA, Tumblr, and Twitter when I stream</span>
08/09/2015 09:32