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From now on I will also be posting PokeDex Entries on Wednesday as well as Saturday so that FA can catch up a bit to my Patreon. [As of Posting this I've FINISHED Gen 1 and I am prepping to start Gen 2 in December! Stay tuned guys! I'll be doing Patron Rewards all November!]
I plan on writing a comic that is not Pokemon Related for my Patreon, but before that happens I want to develop my own way of doing pages. I plan on sticking to the Pokemon thing for a bit longer as a side-project alongside the PokeDex when I start 2nd Gen. This will be an In-Character run of Pokemon Y as my Pokesona Mirage. and I will make a comic about her adventures through Kalos.

I have a few monthly goals set and a points system for patron rewards.

-Project is FULLY FUNDED for the month
-I will do a MINIMUM of 10 Pokemon a month [max of 20]
-I will do at least ONE stream for Patrons only, scheduled on a Saturday, every month to draw freebies for you guys the whole time.

-Project is fully funded PLUS my major bills are taken care of! [Rent/insurance/phone] In other words, I'm breaking even WITHOUT commissions and a part-time job!
-Minimum Pokemon increases to 20! [max of 40]
- Two streams will be scheduled every month on Saturdays for Patron Freebies

-Project fully funded + All bills are paid.
-Anything more than $1000 goes towards Conventions, Prints, Pokemon art other than commissions and the project. This will help me be a dealer and get more exposure!
-At this point I can tell my employer to cut my hours voluntarily. I no longer need to be nocturnal and I can focus on my art more completely.
-Minimum amount of Entries is still only 20
- rough drafts of Comic pages will be made. Only higher-tiered Patrons will see these until completed.
- Raffles and Design contests will be done for cameos in the comic ect. the whole 9-yards!

<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">I AM DOING EVERY SINGLE POKEMON!!!! ALL 721!!!![/b]</div>
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