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Barely Active here

Hey guys. I'm more active on my Twitter and Furaffinty now. I kinda forgot about this site. Opps. But follow me there if you want to see more art and stuff: {} {https://twi...
02/02/2019 07:00

$8 Sketch Commissions (Open)

Opening up for these again! Any Gender. Any Species Comment with ref to claim!~ Tos here: {} Examples: Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catb...
22/11/2018 09:30


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Species: Fluffy Dragon
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: okay
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Species: WereRabbit
Artist Type: anthro artist
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WastelandOni posted to Verbal.Catbuse

17/04/2018 09:09

Thanks for the watch and fave!

Verbal.Catbuse · 17/04/2018 19:01

You're welcome!^^

AbandonedRain posted to Verbal.Catbuse

15/04/2018 22:35

Thanks for the subscription and favorites! c:

Verbal.Catbuse · 15/04/2018 22:55

You're welcome! ^^