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Barely Active here

Hey guys. I'm more active on my Twitter and Furaffinty now. I kinda forgot about this site. Opps. But follow me there if you want to see more art and stuff: {} {https://twi...
02/02/2019 07:00

$8 Sketch Commissions (Open)

Opening up for these again! Any Gender. Any Species Comment with ref to claim!~ Tos here: {} Examples: Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catb...
22/11/2018 09:30

Commissions Are Open!~

Terms: - Character references must be clean, clear, and unshaded. No written descriptions. Multiple images are fine, as long as I can tell the details and colors. Any information that isn't shown, must be told upon the first interaction! - I will send out WIPS (work-in-progress) when I get the in...
05/08/2018 19:13

Hello, Hello!~

You know what I love about mornings? It's cold. Then it gets hot and this motorhome ins't a stranger to holding a lot of heat. ;; I've been in a mood to draw on my tablet but the funny thing is I keep on forgetting it's broken. xD I especially want to draw my new character Victoria omg. Don't wo...
26/04/2018 15:31

Getting close to my goal!

I'm 56% of the way to afford a new tablet guys! I never thought I would be able to get much, so I'm excited! I still have adopts for sale here: Adopt Folder {/Verbal_Catbuse/gallery/?sort=uploaded:desc&folder=16027} I already know what tablet I am going to buy! ;v; So, if you're interested, check...
15/04/2018 21:33


Hello everyone! It's a bit chilly this morning but nothing to bad. Do you have a beautiful human female character? (I could have worded that better lol) Would you love a simple sketch of her? $5 per sketch! Example: Comment below or message me with her ref! PayPal only! Please note that I won'...
08/04/2018 16:45
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Good Morning!~

Morning everyone! I just finished my first cup of coffee. Uploading a few favorite pieces of art into my gallery. (probably the last ones from my fa gallery) Just a reminder that you can see more on my FA: Verbal.Catbuse {} --- I still have adopts open...
05/04/2018 16:58

Adopts + Spam

Sorry about that mini upload spam ^^; I think I'm done for now. I just wanted to upload those few adopts before I was done. Don't forget to check out my other sites as well! I'm also trying to replace my tablet as well! Any adopts I make will generally be in the 'Adopt' Folder. I gotta go for ...
04/04/2018 18:40
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Hello Everyone!~

I decided to come back here with a new profile. It's time to try and expand to other sites. It's going to take some time to get used to this site once again though. xD Welp, back to uploading stuff. ♥ I hope you all have a great day!
04/04/2018 18:19