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Commissions Are Open!~

Published: 8 months ago

Prices Here:  

- Character references must be clean, clear, and unshaded. No written descriptions. Multiple images are fine, as long as I can tell the details and colors. Any information that isn't shown, must be told upon the first interaction!
- I will send out WIPS (work-in-progress) when I get the initial sketch done. I will only advance once you approve of the sketch! There will be no edits once lineart is started! Please, make sure you tell me if there is anything that needs changed when I send out the sketch.
- There will be no edits once your commission is complete! I will not be at fault if you didn't provide important information upfront, during the sketch stage!
- If you are unsure of what I Will or Won't Draw, and it's not listed, feel free to just ask!
- All artworks commissioned is for that person's personal use only! No commercial use is allowed!
- Only the customers can upload their commissioned artwork with credit!
- You must be 18+ in order to get artwork from me that contains nudity or any mature themes.
- You will receive a high-resolution file once your commission is complete!


- All payments are to be made up front. PayPal only!
- Only pay when given the okay! This way I can keep tract of who commissions me!
- Never pay in "Family and Friends"! Only in "Goods and Services"
- I will only start your commission once you pay me in full! With that said, I do not take payment plans!


- Your artwork will be completed within one to two months starting when payment is received.
- Do not rush me! You will receive WIPS when I send them out. You will receive your commission in the time frame that is said.
- If you want an update to what I have gotten done on your commission so far, please feel free to contact me. Please be considerate of the timing and don't make me feel rushed!


- No refunds will be given if I have started on your commission piece! Otherwise, all commissions are 100% non-refundable!
- I will only give out refunds if I feel I won't be able to complete your piece in time. (i.e. If I am in a load of stress or personal life gets in the way of completing your piece)


Will Draw
- Humans or Nekos
- Furry/Anthro
- Soft Nsfw (artistic Nudity)

Won't Draw:
- Robots/Mecha
- Any Fandom OC's/Copyrighted Characters (i.e. Sonic, MLP, Pokemon)
- Closed or Open Species
- Explicit Nsfw
- Fetish art
- Lizards or Reptiles


**Fee may be added depending on characters complexity!**
Transparent/White Backgrounds are free
Simple Background: +$2
Multiple Characters: +100% base cost


Fill out this form by noting me or commenting!
What kind of commission?:
Character ref(s):
Simple Background (+$2 extra) or No Background:
Any other information not stated:

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