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Heya there.
My name is Vasily and I'm 25. I'm an animator and 2D/VR/pixel artist from Russia.

~I'm doing fulltime commission/freelance work, contact me at any time!~

I'm posting high-res images of my commission and personal artworks to my Patreon page, aswell as WIPs, sketches and studies.


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30/01/2019 23:43


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Vesper posted

31/01/2019 03:00

Holy heck, this site is built so well. I'm amazed! It desperately needs a much bigger userbase tho~

Vesper · 31/01/2019 03:04

Like, there's everything you want: shop, character manager, awesome mass uploads and editing, upload queue, emoji. I'm probably missing something else, too! Wrapped up w/ a comfortable UI. Holy, that's amazing.

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