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I'm a squirrel themed fursona. I'm Mexican but I don't talk about sombreros. I'm nudist, a non sexual nudist, just because I like to draw the characters naked or with some clothes. I like toony characters with some clothes like 90's cartoon, I like to draw exactly like this but adding non aroused genitals. That make some people describe and add my artwork to Naturism theme, it's OK. My fursona have been asexual, but is going to be a gay male on the next comic. Personally, I have more accounts to draw to, with different themes like fan art, original world, and this: furry, so maybe I draw few. This is a new account, I will upload old art if it's not so bad.


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Snow Queen movies and my husbando Orm

Snow Queen movies and my husbando Orm
15/10/2017 15:43


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13/07/2019 16:35

Victor Squirrel

Squirrel ·
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07/04/2016 14:16


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Sora no Tamashii

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Heuvadoches posted to Victor

23/04/2017 00:51

*giggles*  Glad you found something you like, m'ija.

Victor · 23/04/2017 16:36

oh yeah, I like mares =n.n= awesome work

Heuvadoches · 24/04/2017 17:10

Oh, I didn't draw it.  I just created the character and paid Vera for the arts.

Sora no Tamashii posted to Victor

15/03/2017 15:31

heya! thanks for the fave and watch

Victor · 18/03/2017 13:43

you're welcome

Victor posted

07/04/2016 13:45

I'm actually using this.

Victor posted

14/03/2016 01:15

what's this