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opened!! visit commission info here >

Part-time Freelance webcomic artist/Illustrator working to become Full-time. I am working on two web comics while still hold a day job. I do commissions and will start art trades in the future ^_^


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Commissions closed!

Hi! I'll be finishing with my current commissions. I'd really like to get some extra work done on my other painting projects and the Fur comic I'm working on. I don't have enough time to balance everything as there are CONS coming up and I need pieces to sell T_T As for my fur comic, I hope to up...
07/06/2017 14:37

fur comic

HI! so I'm no longer doing the PWYW sale, due to the fact I need some extra time to work on my fur comic. I'm still taking commissions but at my normal prices ^_^ Sorry I haven't been uploading lately, I've been working with the comic story and thumbs trying to get the first chapter ready to draw...
30/03/2017 12:46


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Violet Ashes

Role-playing No
VioletAshes is an immortal Night Elk, born some 40,000 years ago. ...
01/01/2017 18:15


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