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Pardon my English, please tell me if I make any mistakes!

Riley | 19 | He/They/It | Demi/Biromantic | Taken | Aquarius | INFP | Autistic | Dyslexic
Vibing in Japan | Nature lover | Hobbyist photographer | Steampunk ♥ | Pagan

I take commissions through Ko-fi!


If you don't like using Ko-fi, I'm fine talking about it in PMs! (PayPal only!)

Commissions: Closed

I take weekends and evenings to myself

I might rarely work during those times if I feel up to it!

All art and characters are mine unless stated otherwise

You are not allowed to use my characters if you are claiming them as your own, fanart is fine, but please always credit the characters as mine!

I don't roleplay or like people using my characters for roleplay, they are very personal to me and I don't like people using them in ways I don't like ^^;


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The time has offically turned over to the 23rd for me, it is now my birthday! ^^ I'm not too active on here but I wish everyone a wonderful day
4 months ago


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7 months ago


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7 months ago


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Malafae posted to Voltage

6 months ago

Thank you so much for my first fave on Furiffic!

Voltage · 6 months ago

No problem! your work is cute ^^

Hazel posted to Voltage

7 months ago

welcome to furiffic ^-^

Voltage · 7 months ago · 2 Replies

Ah! thank you! ^^

Hazel · 7 months ago

no problemo! ^w^

Hazel · 7 months ago

here lemme vouch your weasyl for you :3

Voltage · 7 months ago · 3 Replies

Oh my lord thank you so much! I contacted staff yesterday and I've been waiting on a response ^^;

Hazel · 7 months ago

no problemo! ^w^ yeah staff tend to be late on things sometimes, but it's still my favourite art place ^-^ they have a vouching system due to bots spamming the site in the past, but you look like a genuine artist to me so i thought i'd help out :3

Voltage · 7 months ago

That's understandable! ^^ the reason I was trying to find new sites (this one and Weasyl) was FurAffinity was getting out of hand and I wanted to try out some more websites to see if they were better to use, these two seem really nice!

Hazel · 7 months ago

yeah i've heard some worrying things about furaffinity so i'm still around but not as active cos i wanna try and be careful :<
i definitely don't recommend deviantart tho, there's alot of fighting that goes on and i got bullied pretty badly on there.. D: most people don't like it for the layout, i only don't like it for the bad community.
but when i moved to weasyl, everyone here was so nice compared to deviantart ^-^ they made me feel welcome when i felt nervous, but i managed to find peace away from all the bullies and made some friends there <:3
really sorry for the long messages! i get really talkative sometimes <=D some people find me annoying but i don't mean to be :c

Voltage · 7 months ago · 8 Replies

My tipping point with FurAffinity was hearing that people were getting messages from staff for posts that were apparently against the rules but they wouldn't say which one so they had to delete everything, It's really weird and I don't want to deal with that sort of moderation.. ^^; I last used DeviantArt back in 2016-2017 and I don't ever plan on going back unless I desperately need to (Don't know why I would need to!), Weasyl and Furiffic seem more of friendlier, more welcoming communities and I'm already enjoying this website!
And don't worry about long messages, I enjoy when people are talking! :)

Voltage · 7 months ago

I keep forgetting there's a reply directly button, it's small and I don't see it that well, oops!

Hazel · 7 months ago

it's okay don't worry about it :3
yeahh anonymous staff messages do sound a little fishy.. like what if one was mean to you and you couldn't tell who it was? that would be scary...

yeah furiffic is apparently having a slight problem with the lack of staff though the only one i know that's active right now is a moderator but i can't quite remember his name, but i find it's really good that everyone's doing their best to keep this site alive ^-^ i hope good things will happen in the future!

there was a slight problem a few months ago of an art theft and drama situation but thankfully that's been dealt with and the thief got the ban. i went quiet during those times cos i was scared my art would get stolen and i worried people might drag me into their dramas :<

Voltage · 7 months ago

lack of mods isn't fun, hopefully if this website gets a little more traction they can get some more mods!
and oof, art theft is nasty and drama isn't fun, I'm glad that got taken care of! ^^

Hazel · 7 months ago

yeah i hope this site manages to continue its development and add all sorts of cool features :o
yeah same :3 sadly the theft is happening offsite, i remember when my ocs got stolen along with their art plus my fursona being traced, i was very scared and sorta froze in fear.. 0-0
but thankfully some really kind peeps including some friends really helped me out during the theft situation after i warned them about it, and thankfully they chased away that thief ÚwÙ
after i warned everyone and when i sorta froze, i was also at a loss for words and could only say "thanks" and "sorry", but i really did appreciate all the help everyone gave me ;w; i was just about to head off to bed when the theft happened on deviantart, but now i do my best to watermark all my works. i honestly wish i knew how to protect myself more.. i'm mostly just a big softie :< but i think being soft is a nice thing :3 means you're sweet 'n' gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly..except i actually do kill flies lol XDD

Voltage · 7 months ago

I'm so sorry that happened to you :( I'm glad you got some help in the matter though ^^
I haven't had to deal with any theft yet (That I'm aware of ^^;;) and I don't know how I would even react in that situation.. hopefully people learn and stop doing that scummy stuff

and being a softie/kind is good! I love when people are able to show that they're nice and friendly, I hate the people that say it's showing weakness, if anything it's showing more strength that you're kind even with how the world is right now :)

Hazel · 7 months ago

it's alright it's not our faults <:3 it's really the bully's, i get bullied alot even as a grownup :< i just wanna be a weird kid and not have anyone judge me and pick on me for it, cos like Patrick Star once said "being a grownup is boring!" and like a friend once told me "normal is overrated" and i totally agree!

my weirdness and randomness is what makes me so unique in the first place :D and some people want to force me to be a normal grownup with a proper routine when really, that's just not the real me.. i rather be myself, cos i feel it's better to be honest, especially for who you are <:3

heh, they call me spontaneous X3 who needs bed times and chore times eh? XD why not make it.. "anytime!" =D where you can do anything at anytime, like eat your favourite meal at 2 in the morning XD that reminds me of a super random video i liked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTAwOkdqroQ i must warn ya, it gets a liiittle loud during the middle of it, but it's pretty funny lol X3

i really hope you don't have to put up with any theft, though to be safe, you could always have a watermark or signature of the username you use most so that way, if it does get stolen, people will be able to search up your name and alert you if anything happens

yeah kindness and softness is never a weakness, bad people take advantage of the vulnerable and treat them like a doormat. even though i'm pretty timid and chilled, i still wish i knew how to stand up for myself and protect myself from bullies, i also wish i didn't easily cry over things when my feelings get hurt, though i tend to hide my tears quite alot and silently let it out when i'm all alone. i think this is cos of my abusive past.. :< i got bullied way worse as a kid cos it wasn't only just words, i also got chased alot and attacked. which could be why families disgust me, because my family was like this too and they're still toxic up to this day D: uhh, i think i prefer friends over family.. sorry if i sound rude or anything :<

Voltage · 7 months ago

What I say is adults are just children playing pretend! Why should I play pretend with the other kids I don't like? lol
I just want to be me with the others that are themselves too ^^

And I hope you can heal after all that's happened to you, that sounds awful :(
If you ever need anyone to talk to I'm almost always free and just playing games in my spare time!

Hazel · 7 months ago

yeah! even though i have adult responsibilities, i will always like cartoons and anime, comics and mangas, playing with my plushies, eating candies and drinking sodas, blowing bubbles, going to the fairgrounds and the playpark, running up to ice cream trucks, hanging out with my imaginary friends, joking around and being silly (in a good way!), play in tents and build blankie forts and go "no bullies allowed! >=D"
like who cares if i'm "too old" eh XDDD and if they tell me to grow up, i'll just go "nnnevaaaahh! >=D" lol XDD i'll never grow up :3 i'm like Buddy the elf or Spongebob Squarepants, fullgrown but still a child at heart ^w^

yeahh i still have physical and tons of mental scars, plus the anxiety and trust issues but i really appreciate you being there for me <:3 i may not be that strong on the outside but people say i'm strong on the inside cos i never ever give up, like that blazing fire of determination that'll never be put out. sure it'll run low at times, but it always blazes back up, and i will keep that fire alive no matter what.. ÚwÙ and despite all i've been through, i'm still here, i'm still standing. and i'm proud of that <=)

Voltage posted

7 months ago

Slowly getting used to this website and it seems really nice! ♥