Vyti the German shepherd is feeling Tired
Artist Type: Photographer


│ Vyti │ 21 │ Male │ He/Him │ Pansexual │ Engaged │

│ Sagittarius │ Neutral Good │ Vegan │ PC Gamer │ INFJ │

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Cons Attended

☑Kami-Con 2017
☑Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017
☑Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017
☑Midwest FurFest 2017


Your adventurous, toothy, exceptionally fluffy, and sometimes smelly German Shepherd. I’m a big ol’ introvert, but I like talking to others - especially if you’re nice. 

Trying to spread positivity and kindness. Be kind to one another.

If I'm not studying for my biology degree, procrastinating, playing games, 
or hanging out with my fiancé - I love to be out in nature taking pictures.


I'm new here on Furiffic, and currently in the process of familiarizing myself with everything. :)


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Male · Dragon · Bisexual · Virgo
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Male · German shepherd · Pansexual · Sagittarius
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Species: Batcoon
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Species: opossum
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TangentTheWolfy posted to Vyti

1 month ago

Thanks for the sub/favorites! Im hopping on OW tonight after work if youre up for it! Oh! And greetings from your neighbor Georgia :P

Vyti · 1 month ago

Howdy neighbor! No problem, dude. I might be able to get on a little tonight for sure - if anything be sure to send a friend invite my way, I usually play almost every day, haha. :)