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Alrighty. Hi all.

Not sure what to put up here but I'll give it a shot.

I am now 18 , reside somewhere in the UK and don't get out as much as I'd like to.

I'm always open to new people and do my best to be as friendly and warming as possible, not shy, but I'm a little timid. Don't tend to be very forward.

I'm an aspiring artist and 3D animator, although a long way from them. I do have a great passion in both, and always up for a conversation on either!

Send me a message whenever you want, I guess-


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Emergency Help!

Long story short, I lost my promary hard drive and all of my work, my OS. Everything. If I loose this I fail my exams, and loose all of my university portfolio. This is a big deal, and I need the money to try and recover my data! Please, if you can. Spare a moment to read my GoFundMe and understa...
04/12/2016 20:30
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The Ballsed up EU Referendum

Fuck this. I don't want to live in this country anymore. I'm going to move to Australia and work as a kangaroo jockey. This whole debate, campaign and now our depressing loss of membership in the EU is a load of bullshit. Because of lies and fear mongering and an unfair majority of 45+ year old l...
24/06/2016 08:15


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Role-playing No
27/12/2015 21:43


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7 months ago

Thank you for the fave.

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28/12/2016 22:18

Thanks for fave mate

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11/12/2016 17:36

Hello, waffles!

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28/11/2016 21:18

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19/11/2016 23:34

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11/09/2016 21:19

Thanks for faving the art I uploaded! :)

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20/08/2016 16:29

thanks so much for the favs and watch!!

Waffles · 20/08/2016 18:37

No problem! I love your style :P

Dragon-Firy posted to Waffles

11/08/2016 19:46

Thank you so much, Waffles :3

it really means a lot to me..

Waffles · 11/08/2016 21:48 · 1 Reply

Heh, D'aww. No worrys! You're really pretty good!! I like your style!

Dragon-Firy · 11/08/2016 21:49

Thanks, again.

Kausus posted to Waffles

23/07/2016 10:19

thanks very much for faving!

Tundra posted to Waffles

10/07/2016 09:08

Yay more fluffy/furry/floffy dragons!! Fluff fluff fluff!! :3

Waffles · 10/07/2016 11:19

The more the merrier!

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17/06/2016 14:23

Thankee kindly!

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14/06/2016 18:03

Thank you for the faves ^^ 

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14/06/2016 16:41

thank you for the fave and subscribe ^^

Pyruoo posted to Waffles

05/06/2016 13:42

You call pants "Trousers" That's so adorable x3


Waffles · 05/06/2016 15:53 · 1 Reply

Why thank you. Would you like to see my trousers? They're also British.

Pyruoo · 05/06/2016 15:59

I need to start calling my pants "Trousers"    I need more British people in my life, you guys have cutest words for things x3 Would I like to see your trousers? how would that work lol 

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23/05/2016 10:46

Thanks for the fav [emot=4]

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22/05/2016 07:34

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Waffles · 22/05/2016 09:34

Wow, Thanks! You too! You do some amazing work! :D

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18/05/2016 17:47

Thank You :)))

Waffles · 18/05/2016 19:49

No worrys! Look forward to seeing more of your art! :D

Fuzzy Maro · 18/05/2016 19:51

You will see them for sure :)

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16/05/2016 16:46

Thanks for the fav!!!

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Hey Hi thanks for the paw like lol

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Thanks for the fav. him ♥️

Fiver · 07/03/2016 13:57

* hun ^^

Waffles · 07/03/2016 14:00

Np! Thanks for the fav back! :D

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