Wasfight17 the Lion is feeling Lonely
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her mother was a single rouge with a family of lioness. she meet Wayna father and they became mates but her mother was the one with true power. her mother became with cub. one day she was born. she was born with a little mane like her mother was but was just as big as the male new born cubs of the pride but more slim and sleek. the couple knew no pride would allow her to join for her mane when she became older. not the white lions in the high mountains and not the golden pride of the grass land. so as she grew older into a young cub she was more then a match for the male cubs of her pride. because of this none of the other cubs want to play with her. she even found it hard to get on with her own older siblings who had no time for cubs. she was pretty lonely. so she spent her time being train by her father and mother. in her young teen years she was already the size of a outlander lioness and had strong bones. her mane cover one side of her face and she still couldn't seem to fit in. so she spent even more time training and learning to hunt in others lands. this is the life of a rouge pride. Wayna grew sick of not fitting in and being alone. so the young teen made her way to her parents and beg to leave. relented they allow her. she spent many of her young teen years going to land to land. only to be chase out because of her mane or being mistaken as a male. this had made her hot timper and quick to fight. in her late teens one day she goes to the desert and meets the king of the desert. Tufani. the only king and male of his pride. she try to fight him but he is older with more experience. she trys to intimidate him but he pays her no mind and have fun with her. the to makes a friend ship that turns to love and soon she is queen. the pride has a deep dislike for there mane queen and think she is a freak and believe she will born misborn cubs. she then finds her self with cubs. the pride finds out before Tufani can and chase her out while Tufani is on patrol. full of anger and hate Wayna is back by her self and leave. she then finds a small territory in a small pocket with good prey and good tall grass. the only other residents are hyenas. they allow her to keep it as long as she has a female hair for a queen and continued this. so Wayna the late teen soon to be a young adult give berth to her son. not she is very muscular and the size of a pride lander lioness. in her adult age she will be the size of simba but leaner and her dreads out of her face.

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