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Hello Everyone!  

I am Aneko Kari the adorable red husky. 

I am 23 years old, female, mated to the amazing Cassiusasaraus over on FA.

I love books, writing, video games, animals, talking to everyone about everything, food and cooking.

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Character Description

Name: Aneko Kari

Species: Husky

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, Sweet, Loyal, Optimistic, Friendly, Playful, Anxious

Likes: Food, Scary Movies, Disney Movies, Books, Animals, Nature, Fall and Winter, Thunderstorms, Cleaning

Dislikes: Intolerance, Cruelty, Liars, Drama, Hot Weather, Big Crowds


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Grat posted to WaywardHusky

08/08/2015 20:31

Thanks fur the subscription! ^^

Love your sona, btw! ♥

Skye posted to WaywardHusky

19/07/2015 22:28

Hi There ! I just wanted to say I love your art style! it's so cute <3

WaywardHusky · 20/07/2015 00:36

Thanks so much but the art is all commissioned. The artist deserves all the credit!

Skye · 20/07/2015 00:43

Well even so I love your fursona design ^^

WaywardHusky · 21/07/2015 02:54

Thanks so much [emot=22]

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