Whikit the Wickerbeast is feeling Curious
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Names/Nick Names:

Kai, Alec, LeeLee

Art Style:

Traditional Line Artist, Digital Coloring




Species Owned/Co-Owned/Created:

Grixels, Flixies

OC's/ Fursonas:


Strawberry Nikumi (Shark), Aura (Fennec Fox)

About The Master:

Gender-fluid/ Questioning, 23 years old, Birth date April 23rd, Passion for Music, Art and Anime.

Sadomasochist Roleplay personality.


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Transgender · Deer · Heterosexual · Taurus
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Sei, Anna
Tomboy with a bubbly personality with a pinch of attitude. She loves to hang out and enjoy a cup ...
24/11/2015 23:36


Female · Farble · Asexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Kyri, Ky, Ria
Farbles are a closed species by Brit Mapes. Kyria is a Aquatic Farble that specialises in collect...
11/11/2015 21:27


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Species: tiger
Artist Type: traditional artist
Mood: good
Joined 11/11/2015 02:26


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SafireCreations posted to Whikit

06/11/2015 23:21

Omnomnomz [emot=50]

Whikit · 07/11/2015 00:26

*cheek lick and tail thump* ^w^

SafireCreations · 07/11/2015 00:28 · 1 Reply

[emot=49]woah there bud! Buy me a drink first lol!

Whikit · 07/11/2015 00:30

*head tilt and snicker, handing over cream soda*

SafireCreations · 07/11/2015 00:44

[emot=50] not much for cream soda lol! But Malibu will do fine lol

Whikit · 07/11/2015 00:50

Malibu??? *tilts head* Though you did say a drink, not a specific drink kekekekeke

SafireCreations · 07/11/2015 00:51

lololloolollollolloloolllol [emot=29]

Kachayin posted to Whikit

06/11/2015 19:15

Hey, thanks for subscribing, and welcome to Furiffic! :D

Whikit · 06/11/2015 20:20 · 1 Reply

Thank you I was tagged on fb about your raffle.

Kachayin · 06/11/2015 20:28

Ah, nice to see that that is working as well. ;D

Whikit · 06/11/2015 20:37

I am interested and would like to know more ^w^

Kachayin · 06/11/2015 20:55

You can find all the info here: https://www.furiffic.com/Greifenherz/view/35502 If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments there so others can see em. ;3

Whikit · 07/11/2015 00:36

Thank You ^^

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