Wolfbaloo the Wolf
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Hi there! Welcome to my Furriffic! I just recently joined from FA, hoping to expand myself a bit.

I like to draw anthros/furries but also draw humans, animals, and even made up creatures! I'm in the process of starting animation projects which I hope to upload some of it here. Hope you look forward to seeing what I have to offer.

I am currently open for commissions!

My Pricesheet: https://www.furiffic.com/Wolfbaloo/view/158692

My TOS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/.....it?usp=sharing
My Commission Queue: https://trello.com/b/NjWonzw5/commission-queue

Please understand that I do not rp. I do not yiff. I do not do requests.
What I am commissioned by others does not define nor reflect what MY fetishes or beliefs are.
Please don't ask me to advertise your artwork. Please respect my rules and boundaries, thank you.


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Commissions Are Open:

I'm open for commissions! (SFW and NSFW) Commission Price Sheet I will do my best to details what I can and won't draw: What I can draw: Furry Art (anthro) Humans/Humanoids/Human looking robots Ponies Straight/Gay/etc Size differences Transformations Gender Bending What I won’t draw: Gore/Sca...
15/05/2019 17:01


Hi there! I just recently joined this site. I just used the site's "gallery uploader" from FA, but it wasn't able to transfer everything I wanted to here. I'm still trying to see how this place works so bear with me if you just started following me. I hope you look forward to what I have to offer!
15/05/2019 16:50


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Species: human
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: apathetic
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