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Hi i am wolfen XD Chopper, How I came up with him,? When I was in the 7th grade I loved watching One piece when I was younger and so I came up with a character and country where its more advanced then any other country in the New World. because I loved Wolves and the characters in the one piece universe so I made my own who had a devil fruit called the Tenoshi-Tenoshi No mi (Unrans Uranus No mi ) where he could control ice, hydrogen, liquid nitrogen even his own weight, as he grows up he learned about his father Ragnarok XD Chopper but in the language of Sarganselie its Ragnoraka XD Choppora, he is one of the strongest men next to Whitebeard and Kaido, but He is full demon without a devil fruit he's a really powerful man but he mysteriously disappear but he was actually working for the revolutionary army . so Wolfen XD Chopper wants to be the strongest as his father, but he who is 26 years old had to help the country. but there's more to come in later years. :)

more is yet to come :)


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Update (Birthday Next Month and Other Things)

Hey guys sorry if i haven't been doing lot of art lately. I just needed a break and stuff i just got so stressed out and needed to recollect my thoughts and trying to get back into college and stuff. So next week i will have a sale because of 4th of July and many things like the growth drive. Als...
06/07/2016 01:40

Part 4 of A Random Dukey Growth Drive are Closed

The donations for Part 4 are now closed The end results for Dukey: Starting Weight: 645 Ibs. Ibs. Gained: +0 Ibs. New weight: 645 Ibs. The end results for Mr. Peabody Starting Weight: 370 Ibs. Ibs. Gained: +0 Ibs. New weight: 370 Ibs. Money Gained Donated for Part 4: $0 Target money goal to reach...
30/05/2016 12:27


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Wolfen XD Chopper

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Tangerine Wolflion

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