WXDC the Wolf is feeling Tired
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Update (Birthday Next Month and Other Things)

Hey guys sorry if i haven't been doing lot of art lately. I just needed a break and stuff i just got so stressed out and needed to recollect my thoughts and trying to get back into college and stuff. So next week i will have a sale because of 4th of July and many things like the growth drive. Als...
06/07/2016 01:40

Part 4 of A Random Dukey Growth Drive are Closed

The donations for Part 4 are now closed The end results for Dukey: Starting Weight: 645 Ibs. Ibs. Gained: +0 Ibs. New weight: 645 Ibs. The end results for Mr. Peabody Starting Weight: 370 Ibs. Ibs. Gained: +0 Ibs. New weight: 370 Ibs. Money Gained Donated for Part 4: $0 Target money goal to reach...
30/05/2016 12:27