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My name is Wolfgang Doghouse. =3
You can call me Wolf or Wolfgang.
Calling me Mr. Doghouse is great too! X3

There are a lot of things about me but first of all, I love wolves and I love furry art!
Canines have -always- been a huge passion of mine, especially wolves. When I was 12, I was a subscriber to Dog Fancy and I'd decorate my walls with pictures I'd cut out! X3

When I turned 19, I went to Mission:Wolf in Colorado and worked there for a year.
It's a wolf sanctuary in the middle of the Sangre de Cristo mountains at around 9,500' elevation.
I lived in a tipi on site and helped care for the wolves that lived there as well as maintain and expand the sanctuary.
After Mission:Wolf, I headed off to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in the high dessert of New Mexico for another year.

I learned all sorts of things from the sanctuaries!
Of course I learned even -more- about wolves, but I also learned a bit of carpentry, masonry, plumbing, welding, fencing, and much much more.

Later on, I met a red fox named Sandy on Second Life.
Sandy helped me out in a time of great need when I had no one else to lean on.
He's the single most important person in my life. =3
We dated for awhile but it didn't quite work out.
We still love each other deeply and have been living together for roughly 6 years.
He's got an awesome mate now and I couldn't be happier for him! =3

Now, I'm a licensed massage therapist!
I know I know! The furry jokes are endless! X3
But I love it and I love making people feel good.

I also make jewelry out of naturally shed hair from live, healthy animals as a hobby and an alternative to dead fur something I highly disapprove of.

I'm a vaper, I play guitar from time to time, and I love to play video games with my friends. =3
League of Legends and Insurgency are probably my favorites.
I love to socialize and enjoy hosting large dinner parties every month for many local furries in my area.

My personality type is ENFJ-A


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Wolfgang Doghouse

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lupeyroo posted to Wolfgang Doghouse

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Welcome to furiffic!

Wolfgang Doghouse · 15/02/2017 06:09

Thank you! :3