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Hello everybody My name is Lilith Nicole. I'm a Let's Player/Streamer and a budding(?) artist. Welcome to my official home on FA!

I'm a transgender woman who is widowed (RIP Sakura August 25, 1982 - February 2, 2014).

Currently Collared by my mate and Beloved Tigerwoof
My sexy Draggy/Wolfymew Saeoh

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Everfree Northwest 2013-2014 (Attended - Super Sponsor)
Furry Migration 2014 (Panel Host and Game Show Host - Super Sponsor)
Furry Migration 2015 (Head of Game Show Department, Game Show host/runner, Panel Host - Super Sponsor)
Anthrocon 2015 (Super Sponsor)
Anthrocon 2016 (Panel Host - Super Sponsor)


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Stress over working with someone for arts

I have a friend who wanted to commission a piece of art with me, so of course it was awesome. He gave me free reign and as soon as I get the artist and the theme lined up he demands a ton of things that take it in the 180 direction from where it is. I don't mind if that is what he wants to do. So...
22/10/2019 15:52
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10 days to go to my birthday!

10 days till I start my 36th lap around the sun. better put up some lists... Birthday lists: Amazon: http://a.co/gCwCMgg {https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fa.co%2FgCwCMgg&h=AT2w3N_pSqcv6cuUQ5PKqDIwwubAxYvC8DnzeQnX2gZJgfblCXgt7ISoTFQgGupolxXKjFrRSLkt_l4kV2QGtn86GLCOyTaCQBs4P4KhVkoIHa9P...
16/08/2018 01:09


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05/07/2017 01:30

Mitsuru Sakura Ame

Role-playing No
06/02/2017 07:02


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