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Hello everybody My name is Nicole. I'm the voice actor of Tenpin from Tenpin Plays, author of the C-J-T short story series, a "Royal Feather Fluff", and a budding(?) artist. Welcome to my official home on Furiffic!
If you are looking for what I do best head over to  My You Tube page and game on!

I'm a transgender woman who is widowed (RIP Sakura August 25, 1982 - February 2, 2014). I don't care about what pronouns you choose to use as "offense is never given and always taken" and the only thing that offends me is if someone uses a excuse like "pronouns" to be uncomfortable around someone else. (unless you shady, then fuck off!)

I don't roleplay so don't bother

If anyone wants to help me out I'd love any of these! My Steam Wish list

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Cypher 1.0 being made by BAM Productions

Conventions Attended / Worked / Possibly Attending
Everfree Northwest 2013-2014 (Attended - Super Sponsor)
Furry Migration 2014 (Panel Host and Game Show Host - Super Sponsor)
Furry Migration 2015 (Head of Game Show Department, Game Show host/runner, Panel Host - Super Sponsor)
Anthrocon 2015 (Super Sponsor)
Anthrocon 2016 (Panel Host - Super Sponsor)
Organizations I'm glad to no longer be associated with
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I’m so tired of people being asshats...

This past week has really been trying, Even though I got my new name tag last week. (replacing the one with my old name) and even though I got trained on a new piece of equipment (with this floor scrubber I will rule the planet of fitness!!! #MUAHAHA!!!!!!) No it started with me all but getting...
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Change begins!

First day on Spiro and Estrogen (in patch form) don’t feel that different except for a couple minor anxiety attacks. Is it from body chemistry changing or just excited that after 20 years it is starting...
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Mitsuru Sakura Ame

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Thanks for the follow dude.