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How did I forget to mention this?!? oh yeah... it was dealing with the absolute crap things that came my way.

On May 15th before work, my lovely boyfriend laid a little trap for me. One I fell into and am happy I did.

It started when I woke up that morning only to find my glasses were missing and a rather long red line was leading out of our bedroom. A bit peeved I found that the "red line" was actually rose petals, hoping that they would lead me to my glasses I followed them. Still no glasses but a nice hot bath, bath bombs already gone off, scented candles lit and most importantly if you are going to hide my glasses while I'm asleep my morning tea.

Trap laid...

Trap successful!

As I nestled into the bath I heard my boy come in and ask if there was anything else he could get me.

"Well besides my glasses I can't think of anything... unless you want to join me in here..."(Well it is a two person Jacuzzi tub)

A few minutes later he joined me in said tub with some very clean glasses.(Pro tip if your significant other wears glasses, if done right this is the quickest way to their heart. If done poorly it WILL piss them off) After about 30 minutes, he told me he had chosen an outfit for me as we are going out tonight. "Oh where?" It's a surprise. Okkkkk..... Mystery... something my little vampire seems intent to play... fine I'll bite. But before I could even tell him I'd go along with it, he was out of the tub and down the hall with my robe!

After drying off and finding that he had locked himself in the guest room, I figured I'd best get on with it, and well it was definitely a black tie event based on what he had selected. I still get a little self conscious about wearing this but I'll get over it. One Little black dress and heels later, I felt him come up behind me and kiss my neck. Good thing I was seated as he knows just how to get me downright swooning. He told me that he didn't want to spoil the surprise just yet and took my glasses again! well it was going to be a little longer before I'd get them back as the next time I "saw" him he had something, that I would soon find to be a blindfold. Well either I have been dating a romantic or a axe murderer...

He lead me to his car and we drove around for a while, a little later we ended up at this place that looked waaaay too fancy for me. It was a really high end speakeasy (everyone in black tie, no prices on the menu, step back into the 20's kind of place). I didn't want to know where we were, I didn't want to know what the prices were, heck I didn't even know what time it was! But it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Waitstaff were gentlemen, hell one even hit on me pretty heavy!(I still don't know if that was a set up, but for once I'm not going to try to not let my lack of self confidence hurt this memory) after what felt like a long time Wesley(My boyfriend) told me that "this night could go on, but you need to get to work." and asked for the bill. I wanted to stay, and if I knew what was waiting for me at work, I would have stayed. But no ability to see into the future for me.

Just as the bill was coming he tried to come over to my side of the table, where the goof did the worst fake fall I'd ever seen. (Very good with the whole vampire thing, not so much with the prat falls...lol) but as I was asking if he was ok he rose to one knee and asked me to marry him!

I couldn't believe it! 2 months and he was asking this???

Well I couldn't even believe what came out of my mouth next... Yes.

Now I'm not saying that we are getting married any time soon, and he has told me it was more to "lock down the best thing in my life right now." but every time I see the ring on my finger, I can't help but feel nothing but bliss.

For once in my life I'm happy.

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