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10 days to go to my birthday!

Published: 16/08/2018 01:09

10 days till I start my 36th lap around the sun.  better put up some lists...

Birthday lists:

Amazon: http://a.co/gCwCMgg

Steam: my steam ID is Tenpin so send a friend request and I'll accept it. (only way to see the wish list is to be a friend so boo on steam...)

Donate to my Transition fund: https://www.paypal.me/TenpinPlays/ or https://ko-fi.com/wynterrayne


Arom Komondor · 16/08/2018 05:32

Happy Early Birthaday

Madame Sparx · 17/08/2018 01:58

Oh heck! That's exciting!

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