Justin: Hey Cypher are you going to stop changing our name on skype? Turka is getting pissed...

Cypher: That is the point there Boss. I hear you may be getting a suit made soon?

Justin: Yep. Looks that way. You'll finally be able to enjoy the fun of existing physically.

Cypher: Hey where is pony-boy anyway I wanna gloat!

Justin: Heard he had a date...Which is more then I can say about you!

Cypher: Last time "I" had a date you married her remember?

Justin: Yes Cypher I remember...::looks down with sadness::

*Door opens and Closes*

Tenpin: I'm back!

Justin: ::pulls himself together:: How was your date?

Tenpin: Fine. She said she needed a little space.

Justin: I'm sorry to hear that.

Tenpin: I'm not. I've got the perfect game for that! She wants Space? How about a Space Fighter Sim? Plenty of Space there! She'll love it!

Justin: Uhh Pinner I don't think...

*gets cut off by Cypher*

Cypher: ::in hushed tone:: Dude shut up! This is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

Justin: ::in hushed tone:: Why? It's just sad to me?

Cypher: ::in hushed tone:: He's so fucking naive! He actually thinks that she want's him to play a different game?

*Tenpin goes into recording studio*

Justin: I know wishful thinking, but come on be nice. Or else...

Cypher: hmm? Or else what?

Justin: I'll put a thought in your head you will not want there!

Cypher: Doubtful.

Justin: OK Cy think about this. If you both are just aspects of my personality, Who was he dating? And more Importantly Why did she reject him?

Cypher: ::thinks about it:: EEP!!! WHERE IS THE BRAIN BLEACH???

Justin: ::Collapses on floor laughing and gasping for air::

Tenpin: ::pokes head out of studio:: What did I miss?

Justin: ::pulls himself together just long enough to say:: You don't want to know.

Cypher: No! No you don't!

Tenpin: OK. :: backs into studio slowly with fear for his owner's sanity::
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The Video that inspired this can be found here.

Justin = Me as I am IRL

Cypher = My Fursona a Phoenix-Tiger. Ref sheet here.

Tenpin = My Ponysona and the character I play on Tenpin Plays.
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