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Justin: I’m going to celebrate my birthday by scaring the piss outta myself! No I’m not kidding… SilvrWingsDragon gave me the gift of fear in the form of Among The Sleep.

Cypher: About time she gave you a worthwhile game!

Justin: Beat it you Tigger wannabe she’s only gave me 2 games Among The Sleep and Amnesia: The Dark Decent!

Tenpin: I’m not touching the latter one….

Justin: If I wouldn’t you sure has hell won’t.

Cypher: Pussy

Justin: *looks at Tenpin with a impish grin*

Tenpin: *returns grin*

Justin and Tenpin: YOU’RE ONE TO TALK!!!

Cypher: !!! Since when do you two gang up on me?!?

Justin: Since it’s my Birthday?

Cypher: That is August 25th! Today is August 23rd!

Tenpin: Details, details

Justin: I know right

NexT ON teNpiN PlAyS! I JUSt waNnA SLeEP… and teDDY whY Are you IMaTAtiNg A bisHOp?

Video Here: http://youtu.be/cxvk4j9VwY8
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