[1.] What's the name of your character?


[2.] Tell us about your character.

Tenpin's Backstory (Link Below)

[3.] How did you make your character up?

I was playing with a character creator and ended up with him.

[4.] Is it easy drawing your character?

I don't know. I'm not a artist.

[5.] When did you make your character up?


[6.] What inspiration[s] brought your character to life?

While Tenpin was the result of random playing with a creator, he became the face I've used on YouTube.

[7.] Is your character dear to you? If so, how come?

All Characters I've come up with are dear to me.

[8.] If you were forced to compare your character to another, who would you compare them to?

Markiplier?(Wishful thinking I know)

[9.] Is your character related to you in any way? Personality? Problems? Traits?

We both are: Let's Players, Prone to Hoof-in-Mouth disease, and both have someone that we'd rather talk to and hang out with then Let's Play games.

[10.] If your character came to life, what would you do?

Two Words - Game War!!!

[11.] Is your character a hero or a villain? How do you see them as?

Chaotic Good

[12.] Is your character a part of any particular story you made up?

2. He is the "T" in "C-J-T" and He is the character I play on YouTube

[13.] What song//movie//book//play do you think of when you imagine your character?

"It's so easy when you're evil" ~ Voltaire

[14.] Has your character changed in any way since you first created them?

From Alicorn, to Unicorn, to Changeling

[15.] Random fact about your Character..

He's not a huge fan of "Wuskys"
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Character Meme / Interview on Character Tenpin

Link to back story here
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