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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ABOUT ME (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I'm a married mom of 2 currently studying full time online for my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from SNHU. I'm very friendly and love meeting new people. I'm also a stay at home mom and drawing commissions is how I bring in money for my family. I love, love, LOVE to draw! I'm a self-taught artist (and yes I find that an accomplishment). My dream is to create art for a living so every watch, comment, or favorite is HIGHLY appreciated!! I love playing games like Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, GTA, and Aliens. I'm a HUGE Xenomorph fan; especially of the Queen!

deviantART ❤ Inkbunny ❤ SoFurry ❤ Weasyl ❤ FurAffinity ❤ Tumblr ❤ Patreon ❤ Facebook

….〆(・ω・。) WHAT I DRAW ….〆(・ω・。)
I draw NSFW (18+) art so be careful!!
I also draw SFW.
My Little Pony, Anthro, Furry, BBW, Anime, Manga.
I'm always open to new things so don't be afraid to drop in a line and suggest something!

φ(..;) WHAT I WILL NOT DRAW φ(..;)
Cub (I've got kids >_>)
Vore (I don't get it...)
Watersports (o_O;)
Scat (o_O;)

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Commissions: Sorry, I'm Closed
Art Trades: Permanently Closed
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Collabs: Ask Me



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Cutting Out More Stress

Cutting out more stress in my life; I withdrew from SNHU. Less time stressing = more time drawing! :D
19/11/2016 18:54

Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon Speedpaint Video

Up now on my Youtube! Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon Speedpaint Pt. 1 {}
07/10/2016 15:18


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Kimi-Oneechan posted

10/10/2016 17:07

GOFUND ME: Father's Funeral

Kimi-Oneechan posted

01/06/2016 18:00

Due to copyright assholes...I can't upload the WIP video anywhere in its original form....sorry guys.

You'll have to go to good-for-nothing Youtube.

Kimi-Oneechan posted

01/06/2016 17:43

 Due to Youtube and their dick head copyright b/s (even though I gave credit)'ll have to view the "My Baby Shot Me Down" art WIP video on my Facebook art page. I'm sorry for the inconvenience:

ReiRei posted to Kimi-Oneechan

22/03/2016 00:43

Thank you kindly for the +sub!~ ^^ 

Kimi-Oneechan · 24/03/2016 14:46

You're very welcome! ^_^

Zorayda posted to Kimi-Oneechan

30/09/2015 22:16

Thanks for the sub!

Kimi-Oneechan · 01/10/2015 14:00

You're very welcome ^w^

Libby Airspinner posted to Kimi-Oneechan

23/09/2015 13:26

aj and Luna are best hosses

Kimi-Oneechan · 23/09/2015 17:13


Libby Airspinner · 23/09/2015 17:13


Alex posted to Kimi-Oneechan

03/08/2015 12:49

(???????)? Thank you for the favorite!

Kimi-Oneechan · 03/08/2015 18:34

Of course! Thank you for subscribing! [emot=22]

Replic posted to Kimi-Oneechan

22/07/2015 17:36

Hi there, welcome to Furiffic :)

I changed several of your submissios with their tags, all your mature art has been set to adult, because it's not PG-13, also added the gender tag.

If you could look into that next time, that would be wonderful :)

Stay awesome.

Kimi-Oneechan · 22/07/2015 19:40 · 3 Replies

Thanks I was in the process of working on that. It was a mass upload! 

Replic · 22/07/2015 19:40

Ah alright ^^, well I already added those 2 tags then :) so if you add the rest that's fine, hehe :) good luck!

Kimi-Oneechan · 22/07/2015 19:43

Thanks again! And thank you for the warm welcome! ^_^

Replic · 22/07/2015 19:48

Of course! we are always happy to see new faces :)

Kimi-Oneechan posted

22/07/2015 15:52

Howdy! I'm new here to Furiffic, but I'm located on other websites where I post my art! 


Fur Affinity:





You can also find me on these social sites where I post stuff going on in my life!:



Instagram: xenokimi

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work! 

[emot=14]Much Love![emot=14]