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Like his brother Rushdell. Sadedrux born orphan, adopted by a misterious guy that left her and Rushdell in the street almost 10 years later, but unlike him, she is a serpent, a black mamba, the deadliest of her specie. She was very shy and scare of the exterior world, but her brother was for her, and manage to keep the head cold so she can survive. Rushdell teach her how to steal, and even if she know that was a "bad" thing, she didn´t care back then and even now. Sadedrux´s puberty was really tough, and not only for the hormonal changes: her breast become bigger and bigger with the time, so she had to steal new bra´s every month. This attract the attention for the wrong boys, but Sadedrux manage to stay away from danger by bit them.

Actually, with her body fully grow and being a beatiful girl, she achieved the job of bartender of a notorius bar in the center of the city, where she´s the ears and eyes of what´s happening below the law

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Bartender of the Golden Claw, a famous and well know bar in the center of the city; thief


1.79 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.47 Inches


65Kg · 10 Stone, 3.3 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type

define, thin, breast cope D


energetic, fluid, gracious

A friendly and very social deadly snake, really involved with her brother Rushdell which who has a beloved relationship.

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  • 30


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