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Nelly Rousche borns as a child of two eastern imperial eagles in a farm far from the city, in the border of Italy and the sea.  Her childhood was nice, not too much problem, she was also teached in home by her parents. Helping in the farm, play with toys she makes from the trees and the abandoned mine with some objects, home teaching in the night before sleep, this it was her entire day in all the week.
That was until in one of her trips to the mine, results in the last one. She only heard a really loudly trumble in the eart, and after that, she saw her farm and family death.
The gases of the mine were release by a minor earthquake, and since the old light sistem of the mine was oil-lamps, these cause a great explosions, that results in the death of Nelly, and the fire coming out, kill her parents.

This accident, happens in 1937, and in the actually, 2017, she have been all around the world, still blaming herself for the death of her parents but carry on her "new life" as they wanted for she.


Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Scare people
Scare little people
Play with pets


1.54 Meters · 5 Feet, 0.62 Inches

Body Type

Slim, thin, small



Extra Attributes

Can posses things around the enviroment
Dogs and cats makes her say "cuuuuute!!!!"

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A blue-siluet hawk ghost that like to interactive with people and only shows to scare or when someone needs a friend.
Having so much knowledge to spare, try to stay up with all the cientist of the actual age and their updates in their advances, but still, looking to habe more friends around the world

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Open to role-playing