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Well, hello everybody, my name is Rushdell Alba Xhalum (also the name of my fursona, but is obvious that fact). I´m new in the furry fandom, so.... if anyone is interest of chat of having a roleplay with me, I´ll be glad to response you, just let you first that my mother language is spanish so I´m not that good in english, still, I try my best to speak good


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Female · Ghost · Questioning · Aries
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Nel
A blue-siluet hawk ghost that like to interactive with people and only shows to scare or when som...
17/01/2017 23:18
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Female · Snake · Bisexual · Cancer
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Sade
A friendly and very social deadly snake, really involved with her brother Rushdell which who has ...
27/11/2016 05:19


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Species: Rabbit monster
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flame-the-phoenix posted to Rushdell

8 months ago

hi wanna rp on roleplay for mature

AshitakaWolf posted to Rushdell

22/05/2019 00:02

Thanks for another fave! :)

AshitakaWolf · 01/06/2019 01:47

Thanks again! ♥

ArtVulpine posted to Rushdell

01/05/2019 12:29

Hey, thanks for favoriting my art!

AshitakaWolf posted to Rushdell

23/04/2019 22:09

♥♥  Thanks so much for the faves.  They're appreciated SO much ♥♥

Rushdell · 24/04/2019 02:51

And your incredible art is also very appreciated, keep doing a great job!!

ArtVulpine posted to Rushdell

07/04/2019 21:03

Thanks for favoriting my art!

Rushdell · 07/04/2019 22:00

And thank you for being awesome, keep doing an amazing job!

AshitakaWolf posted to Rushdell

06/01/2019 22:43

Thanks so much fur the fave! ♥

Rushdell · 06/01/2019 22:44 · 1 Reply

Ohw, you´re welcome! Is a very lewd and good draw, keep doing a great job!

AshitakaWolf · 07/01/2019 00:56

:).  Thanks for subscribing as well! :3

AshitakaWolf · 15/01/2019 23:37

Thanks for another fave! :D

Rushdell · 15/01/2019 23:38

And wait for more with your very good art!!

AshitakaWolf · 21/01/2019 23:28

Thanks again!  There will be more coming...just don't know when yet ;)

Rushdell · 21/01/2019 23:41

Hehe, is alright, take your time, there´s not need for rush

AshitakaWolf · 10/02/2019 21:33

Thank's so much for moar favs!!! ♥

Rushdell · 11/02/2019 01:29

And thank to you for being so awesome!!

AshitakaWolf · 16/02/2019 01:26

XD Thanks again for more faves! :)  You're awesome ♥

Rushdell · 16/02/2019 01:32

Pftt, no, you´re awesome!!

AshitakaWolf · 17/02/2019 21:46

Thanks again, I always appreciate the faves! ♥

Rushdell · 18/02/2019 01:50

Must show all the love I can give, your style is pretty good!!

AshitakaWolf · 10/03/2019 19:53

Thanks again for faving! ♥

AshitakaWolf · 14/04/2019 20:45

♥♥♥ I know it was days ago now, but thank you SO much for all the faves! ♥♥♥

Rushdell · 15/04/2019 17:59

You´re welcome!! And you desserve even more!

AshitakaWolf · 21/04/2019 14:55

Michael_GrayWolf777 posted to Rushdell

13/10/2018 02:59

Thank you for the Fav.

Rushdell · 13/10/2018 03:03

you´re welcome, you have a really cute doggo

Michael_GrayWolf777 · 13/10/2018 03:05

Oh she's just one of the eight I have

Rushdell · 13/10/2018 03:11

to many doggos!! Must pet all of them

Michael_GrayWolf777 · 13/10/2018 03:23

Lol. They are a handful but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I do miss my two pure bred huskies I used to have.

Rushdell · 13/10/2018 03:29 · 1 Reply

may I ask what happen to them?

Michael_GrayWolf777 · 13/10/2018 03:33

They passed away from age. They was a brother and sister pair, the sister was the first to pass away when I had moved to another state for another job, the brother fought to stay alive till I came back before passing away two weeks later.

Rushdell · 13/10/2018 03:39 · 1 Reply

Ahww, so sorry to hear that... but, I bet they lived a really good life thanks to you

Michael_GrayWolf777 · 13/10/2018 03:42

They did. I miss them a lot also.

ArtVulpine · 29/10/2018 12:02

Thanks for favoriting my art!

LittleLionHeartz posted to Rushdell

26/04/2017 00:00

Hey, thanks for the subscription! I could use all the love I could get1

Rushdell · 26/04/2017 00:03

hehe, you´re welcome. You have a really good art-style, hope to see more of it in the future. But, in the meanwhile, keep being awesome!

LittleLionHeartz · 26/04/2017 00:09 · 1 Reply

I'm glad you think so ! I always get a bit nervous when I post up my work online. I always think there is someone out there who's better than me and that shakes me up a bit.

Rushdell · 26/04/2017 00:12

the world have a ton of good artist, where each one is very good in something. So, yeah, it must be someone out there that is better than you. But you can always improve and be better, because you can tell sometimes how much effort someone put something on his/her art, and that what make people like your art

LittleLionHeartz · 26/04/2017 00:10

However it feel's good to be appreciated once in a while. :p

ArtVulpine posted to Rushdell

19/03/2017 18:36

Thanks for the Watch!

Rushdell · 20/03/2017 02:26

Hehe, you´re welcome. Keep doing a great job!

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