Xin Jin Meng the Dragon is feeling Much much better
Artist Type: Cartoonist

Primadonna in Libertà, Transuranic Uranian, Heldentenor Harridan, and Virtuous Virago.

Likes: Abrikosov vortexes, Uranian poetry, la mort (petit et grande), late 19th-century zarzuela, hyperphagic gastrolatry, sixteen-point horns, pyridinium chlorochromate, long walks on the beach

Dislikes: Cholegastry, enfants terrible, idiography, Lysistrata, omphalogy


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Casual dining implies the existence of ranked, competitive dining
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Roux Ypsilanti

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Professor Grafenburg

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Fox Populi

Species: fox
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: nostalgic
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